Local motorway A-7 may become toll for private users

The government has admitted it has “very advanced” plans to make a number of national motorways – including our own coastal motorway A-7 – toll roads in order to raise money for maintainence.

The system would be similar to other EU countries such as France or Germany, where you buy an “intelligent sticker” to put in your car, which then ticks off money every time you go through a toll barrier.

Only private users would be charged to use the roads, lorries and professionals would be exempt.

Spain has more free roads than any other EU country, and the government argues that making its’ motorways into toll roads for a “nominal fee per kilometer” would bring Spain into line with other EU countries, as well as help keep these roads in good condition.

The A-92 (which goes through the north of the province) and the new Almanzora motorway would not be included in these plans.

Meanwhile, other local toll roads – such as the Vera – Cartagena road- are technically bankrupt due to low usage.

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