Spectrum FM changes frequency in Mojácar

Spectrum FM is changing their frequency to 90.8FM. If you can’t be bothered to retune your car radio, bring it in to Richard and he’ll do it for you!

Here’s the press release from Richard:

From today Spectrum FM Costa Almeria will be found at 90.8FM on the    dial. As part of their expansion plans since becoming a Cultural    Association fully registered by the Ministry of the Interior this    new frequency will allow for much greater coverage reaching as far    as Cartagena on the coast and inland towards Baza within the next    month. Although 92.6 was fine in the local area to expand the    station even further a new frequency was needed and the national    transmitter company Arbertis Telecom have allocated Spectrum FM 90.8    which has a much larger reach and together with antenna and power    upgrades can cope with the topography of the area with consummate    ease. The old frequency struggled inland from Huercal Overa and    Albox  due to interference from other stations close to the old    number and the new 90.8 frequency rectifies this problem. Sound    quality will be significantly enhanced and and Spectrum FM, you No.1    local radio station will be bigger, better, louder and prouder. It    is now three years since we took over at Spectrum FM and even in    times of economic crisis it is nice to see a company expanding to    improve its service for listeners and advertisers alike. If you have    any problems tuning your radio to 90.8 please telephone 678 332 815    for assistance or bring your car to the Spectrum FM offices in The    Parque Comercial, Mojacar and we will tune it in for you. We will    also be holding clinics at various bars across the area over the    coming week when you can come and have your car tuned in whilst    having a drink on us. See Spectrum FM Costa Almeria on Facebook for    further information. Spectrum FM Costa Almeria, growing bigger by    being better.

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  1. It’s nonesense. Prior to the switch we could receive Spectrum just fine in Huercal Overa. The new transmissio n on 90.8 is far weaker, and dies completely as soon as you go north of Vera. We can now only receive Spectrum online, where previously it was loud and clear on 92.6

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