Mojacar business meeting “not a success”

Reports from the front say that tonights Mojacar business meeting about important issues affecting the town and its’ businesses was the usual Mojacar ballsup. It seems that ACEM was involved, although this report was the first one to mention the name of an organisation I assumed had died a natural death five minutes after the last elections.

Much as expected. Quite why anyone thinks Rosmari wants to expend political capital on reigning in the Guardia Civil – when it’s in her interest to keep them busy in her municipality – is beyond me.

Still, much like her plans for an escalator or a bowling green, it makes it look as if she cares without actually having to bugger all (or spend money she can’t cream off?*)

*For legal reasons, I wish to disclaim that last remark  as an off the cuff joke about politicians in general. I’m sure her reputation as a decent manageress of public funds is impeccable.

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