First casualty of the cutbacks – Balearic Isles will close two hospitals, fire staff

The region of the Balearic Isles has announced that due to cutbacks, it will have to close two hospitals: the Hospital General and the Hospital Juan March.

This in an effort to save some 350 million euros a year. A further 74 million euros will be cut off the general budgets of education and health, and civil servents in the region are now expected to work 37.5 hours a week, up from the current 35 hours a week.

Meanwhile, the new Junta de Andalucia has [almost] admitted that they lied before the elections about their budget for 2012, and has agreed to slash 2,600 million euros off the top of it. The Junta had actually promised to spend more in 2012 then in 2011, by assuming that tax revenues would rise in the region. Since they’ve dropped like a stone, the Junta had no option but to admit it didn’t have the cash.

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