Don Juan nicked for pretending to be a Colonel (all the ladies like a soldier!)

A don Juan in Seville has been detained at His Majesty’s pleasure for pretending to be a Colonel in the Spanish army.

It seems the chap – a balding specimen who passed 40 several years ago- would go off to local discos in full military getup, together with a fake pistol, and then sidle up to the ladies, asking in a husky voice if they’d like a go on his weapon. Or words to that effect. I can just imagine his bristly little mustache…

Anyway, a cop became suspicious about the “Colonel” and ran an ID check. Turns out chummy has form – a few years ago he was nicked for passing himself off as a Guardia Civil agent.

Seems it’s true, all the ladies do like a lad in a uniform…

From El Mundo

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