Foreigners go home – residency rules overhauled to stop you getting health access

It’s going to be more difficult to get residency and health care rights after the government announced plans to slash a billion euros off healthcare by stopping “health tourism”.

Does health tourism actually exist? It seems it does, and many people accuse the Brits of wanting it.

Anyway, the state will revise the rules giving out padrons and residencias, making it a lot more difficult for people to get one unless they have a valid reason to need one.

As part of the overhaul, medical cards will now be more difficult to obtain, and international treaties will be overhauled to reduce the number of countries whose nationalities have an automatic right to healthcare in Spain.

A new law will also be introduced making it an offense to obtain, or help obtain, a medical card for the express purpose of obtaining free medical care in Spain.

So if you haven’t yet got yours, get it quick.

In other news, pensioners no longer get free prescriptions, now being obliged to pay the first 20 or so euros per month of medicines.

From El Mundo.

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