Election fiasco in Andalucia – same old rotters stay in power

There isn’t much to say about the elections yesterday in Andalucia, other than the fact that the regional government will continue as normal (only now with a couple of communists in power as well).

Andalucia was unable to shake off its fear of the Conservative PP party, and so instead of voting out the scandal ridden, corrupt PSOE that has ruled the place with an iron fist for the last three decades, simply doubled the vote of the Communist & Green coalition Izquierda Unida, making a PSOE / IU coalition a certaincy.

So not only do we continue to put up with the PSOE, we also have to deal with the Communists and assorted loony left in power.

If you own land in the country, it may be worth pointing out that IU in its manifesto suggests nationalising land, fixing maximum and minimum prices for land, prohibiting building outside of cities and knocking down all the illegal homes to “restore the countryside to its original state”. As well as imposing an “environmental tax” on anyone who lives or develops land in the countryside.

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