Vera’s new theatre can’t open – you can’t see the stage from the seats!

The new theatre of Vera – a building that has been undergoing construction for the last 8 years, and which to date has cost 3,3 million euros- still can’t be opened, as it has now been discovered that if you sit in the centre front seats, you can’t see the stage. Other problems – no loading bay for getting scene sets in or out, it doesn’t comply with fire regulations and the stage is still half built.

The townhall is blaming the Junta, saying that the plans were drawn up and organised by the regional Ministry for Culture.

The Junta is blaming the townhall, saying that the original plans were modified and it was up to the townhall to oversee the works.

The Diputación (County Council) is blaming everyone else, although it added that if it’s true that you can’t see the stage from the seats, it’s the architects fault.

The townhall -now under PP control- has issued an official complaint to the Junta, adding that it wants to sort the problem out once and for all and get the damn thing open, although it added that the new calculations on the financial viability of the project, carried out by the current administration, show that it’s never going to break even.

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