Mojácar based internet group rips off Ian Botham’s daughter and other Brits

Mojácar based? Seems someone’s been taking money off Brits for cheap flights, then booking those flights using stolen credit cards.

Sports Travel ­Internacional – Steve A. drives England’s army of cricket fans barmy (from The Mirror)

Strange how this hasn’t been much reported in the local press… I’m told locally that a number of arrests by the Guardia were carried out after complaints from the Met police in the UK. People now out on bail, etc, pending trial, according to my mate sargento Andrés from the local cop shop.

Bad when the Daily Mirror has to be our local investigators!

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  1. I suggest you either speak to me personally or get your facts right there is a law suit going on against the mirror group if you do not want to be added to this then I suggest you remove this post until you have all the facts. Or until you speak to me personally.
    Steve ackerman

  2. Nothing to do with this National Police press release all over the Spanish news then?

    And over 50 more stories….
    Anyway, I just found it on the news wires and posted it here, no idea who any of the people involved are… Why not give us your side of the story and let people know?

  3. i have sent you an email please respond and i will be happy to meet you to give you the FACTS
    i want my name tke from your post as previos email

  4. Ask some of us bowlers about it, as we had to shell out to both go to and come back from Cyprus and not a hope of any money back.

  5. Ruth Comppton
    Yet another liar jumping on the band wagon Ruth please tell me how you got to London Gatwick then Cyprus you flew with Easyjet paid for by myself at the Guarrucha travel agents you then flew back via Monarch.
    Some bowlers had issues with there sports bags which was booked in the travel agents in Guarrucha so please tell me how you had to pay for your own flights why dosent everybody stop telling lies.
    Bowls Travel paid for your outbound flight to the tune of 6000 euros running at a loss of 2500 euros the Spanish Bolos Federation team member broke the terms and conditions set out by STI by telephoning the airline and getting the flights blocked. We was in our rights to leave you stranded in Spain which we did not we paid for your outbound flights, the team put at the time manager of the team under so much pressure he resigned, i received an email from John Muldoon the Chairman of the Fediration of Bolos Espana thanking me for everything i done to get the team out and back from Cyprus, i was then met with ludicrious claims for hotel charges taxis to and from airports in Cyprus. You was there and you know this. So why are you blatently telling lies. If you are one of the 3 people whom booked there own return flight because they panicked when the other 28 clients got there and back, then that is your fault if you are one of the 8 people whom have denouced the company in secret but still smiling trying to get back baggage claim money, then look at yourself in the mirror.
    I happly have telephoned every newspaper to give a reply and factual evidence that no fraud has taken place, how can a company receive 70.000 pay an abta travel 65.000 and be charged with fraud the worst fraud in history !!I believe the National Police will not allow me my right to reply, so take it as you like but stop telling lies.
    Steve Ackerman

  6. funny how ruth compton hasn't replied, anyone else want to sppeak to me or do you all want to hide behind emails and forums, cowards and liars.

  7. Steve Akerman is the only liar here. ripped me and my pals off and has done the same to many other ordinary hard working people. Like all con men he will respond with some convaluted reply full of twists and turns. I believe Ruth Compton 100%. And in response to his question about who paid for her flights, it was probably me on my credit card.

    I for one have read a huge amount of evidence about your activity ackerman. No doubt you’ll hear it in court.

    Ackerman , you are scum and your deserve everything you get. fingers crossed for a lengthy sentence. Watch yourself in the showers.

  8. Another liar who hides behind an email name again i challenge you put your name and give proof as for lengthy sentence you have to be charged with an offence you idiot and your evidence you have read whoooooo please send it to the judge because there is no evidence to charge anyone.
    Again to all liars and cowards send me your name and email i will give you factual proof.
    But again you will be like everyone and go silent hiding behind your email, im a scum very personal for a coward who hides im not a coward meet me please so i can talk to you,

  9. All right, I’m sick of all this, as I’m travelling at the mo and can’t keep stopping to delete nasty comments on this thread (some of them would make your old granny twitch). So – thread locked. No further comments will be accepted, and contact me if you dispute this decision.