Albox mayor caught living the high life with town’s credit card

The Mayor of Albox (PSOE) has been found to be spending an excessive amount on fine wine, dining and hotels, using the town’s credit card – to the tune of some 24,000€ over the last three years, according to the opposition in the townhall.

It may not seem like much, but it effectively doubled his salary over the last three years, as he has been spending about 1,000€ a month. A lot of this fine dining has been going on at La Zaranda, the best Albox can offer in the way of cuisine.

He also spent 1,100€ on a stay in a five star hotel in Madrid, according to his Visa bill.

Jose has rejected the accusations and claims the bills are a forgery. The PP however stick to their guns and also claim that despite the Mayor having an official car (an Audi A6), he still claims for petrol expenses on his personal car.

The accusations came to light when the PP were trying to work out how the townhall is spending 15,000€ a month on its telephone bill, when it can’t afford to pay suppliers. (Via El Mundo).

4 Replies to “Albox mayor caught living the high life with town’s credit card”

  1. Just 24k ? Surely this only made the new because of his restraint ? 24k is nothing by the standards of other local politicians.

  2. Funny how these bills are always ‘fake’ Some say after the Franco years when many had nothing they just got carried away with the boom money. Not that is really any excuse.

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