Playaluna hotel in Roquetas to close for good

Hoteles Playa has announced that the Playaluna hotel in Roquetas del Mar will close for good, after the company was unable to agree to a lease renewal on the property. The company is saying that the landlord refused to negotiate, but the unions have claimed that the negotiations were simply an excuse in order to close the lossmaking hotel.

55 people will lose their jobs when it closes for good on the 9th of April.

4 Replies to “Playaluna hotel in Roquetas to close for good”

  1. That is a shame but somehow, alas, I am not surprised. Each time we visit Roquetas we see ever more closures. Sad times.

  2. Try knocking on the door!
    No, it was confirmed in the local [Spanish] paper by a Playa spokesman.

  3. Playa Luna ia open for the summer till the end of September happy hour 8 till 9 enjoy.

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