5 chickens in a sack

An executive level decision was recently taken to extend the Jackson Group, Inc, corporate egg producing division. This basically led to me ordering an extra five hens from a nice lady in Los Gallardos. There is a certain protocol to ordering hens in Spain. In part, this extends to specifying whether you want them to eat, to breed, or for eggs. A side story: Whilst rooting amongst the father in laws shed recently, I came Continue reading 5 chickens in a sack

Playaluna hotel in Roquetas to close for good

Hoteles Playa has announced that the Playaluna hotel in Roquetas del Mar will close for good, after the company was unable to agree to a lease renewal on the property. The company is saying that the landlord refused to negotiate, but the unions have claimed that the negotiations were simply an excuse in order to close the lossmaking hotel. 55 people will lose their jobs when it closes for good on the 9th of April.

PP will cut Andalucia delegates from 25 to just 7

Javier Arenas, leader of the Andalucian PP party, and expected winner of the March 25th elections in the region, has announced that if he wins, he will cut the number of delegados in the Junta de Andalucia from the current 25 to just 7. The number of Conserjerías -regional Ministries- will likely be just 10 instead of the 13 that currently exist, as Arenas plans to fuse a number of them. Currently, there are about Continue reading PP will cut Andalucia delegates from 25 to just 7

IVA won’t go up, promises government, despite EU demands

Despite the EU demanding that Spain increases the level of IVA (VAT for the Brits!), President Rajoy has firmly refused to comtemplate the increase. However, the Minister for the Economy, De Guindos, has refused to rule out a possible increase in 2013. Spain is currently about 0,5% off the budget reduction target demanded by the EU, and the Eurozone had suggested that increasing IVA would be the quickest way to make up the shortfall. But Continue reading IVA won’t go up, promises government, despite EU demands