Mojácar bypass bypassed for at least another year

Remember the Mojácar bypass?

The Diputación has admitted that it’s working on yet another new plan for it, and it’s not going to be published until at least the end of the year. An answer from the Junta “may” be expected sometime during summer 2013.

The last one never went though an environmental report before being drawn up (ah hem!), and was sent back to Almería for the environmental impact study to be prepared. The technicians drawing up the E.I.S. realised that the road was going through a patch of the infamous limonium Stevei, that damned weed that only grows in Mojácar. They modified the road to go around the patches, but then someone found a tortoise in the way, so the whole plan had to be eventually scrapped.

The latest revision of the plan only sees the road going as far as La Parata, with three connections to the beach road. I’m told that Rosmari has been seen along the latest proposed route with a net, trying to remove the tortoises and other endangered species….

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