Ryanair doesn’t bother to tell anyone they’ve pulled out of Almeria

A reader writes

Just found out that Ryanair have suddenly decided to pull out of Almeria airport as from yesterday.  We have family who have booked flights from Liverpool to Almeria in May.  After we told them what we had heard, they rang Ryanair who have confirmed that flights to Almeria have been cancelled due to some dispute with the Almeria Tourist Board.  They were offered a full refund.  They had also booked car hire through Ryanair and holiday insurance.  Ryanair said they would have notified them by email of the cancelled flights 6 weeks before they were due to fly.  How kind of them!  So, if you have family and friends booked to fly over to Almeria with Ryanair, please ask them to check that their flights are still available.  In our case, we know its definitely the Liverpool to Almeria route that’s gone (it only started on 26th March this year).

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  1. I am one of those who had booked Liverpool to Almeria at Easter and through Beachcomber John found out yesterday. On phoning Ryanair today they said I would get an e mail 6 weeks before I fly telling me that it had been cancelled – pity it’s 4 weeks off now!! I got them to give me flights from Manchester to Alicante instead on same days for same price (after all it’s their fault but those flights are now approx. £100 more than what I paid 2 months ago) God help the passengers who don’t have this info and are told 6 weeks before because all the available seats on alternative flights will have gone!! Never mind that they have paid for accommodation and car hire etc. Ryanair you are a disgrace.

  2. See, if you read this blog more often you’d have found out a day earlier!!! 🙂

  3. They are cutting back on some frequencies at East Midlands, with the routes to Alicante, Bergerac, Berlin, Faro, Fuerteventura, Knock, Limoges, Malaga, Murcia, Palma de Mallorca effected however Bergerac and Limoges are only losing the additional frequencies they were due to gain during July and August, therefore through the rest of the summer season they will see no cuts. No routes will be axed from East Midlands. Liverpool however will lose routes not only to Almeria, but to Milan-Bergamo, Rimini and Rome-Ciampino, so that means only Pisa will remain in Italy from Liverpool. Routes to Faro, Gran Canaria and Kos will see frequency cuts as well. All other UK airports appear to have seen none of the unannounced cuts at all. I would reccommend if you are due to fly on any of the mentioned routes after March 25, check on the Ryanair website that the exact flight(s) you are booked for are still on their timetable.

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