Ryanair cancels Liverpool route

Ryanair has canceled its Almeria to Liverpool route, blaming the local tourist board for not doing enough to attract tourists.
The company claims the board spends millions on vanity campaigns that don’t actually work and so falling passenger numbers makes the route unprofitable.
The board rejected the claims and says the airline had been asking for a 200k “bribe” to keep the route going.
Far as I can see they’re both right.

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3 Replies to “Ryanair cancels Liverpool route”

  1. on a recent flight back from manchester ,passengers were off-loaded at the gate with 10 mins before pushback because of usual problems with handluggage size!

  2. Typical of the scum bags, i’d paid extra to fly other airlines over the years to avoid flying with these cowboys. i’ve nearly been arrested at Lanzarote airport because my case was 15.01 kgs, yes, 0.01 kg, and they wouldnt give me it back…..to remove one sock !! instead they told me to pay 75 euros or not fly, gang of robbing sh*t head crooks, a national boycott is required.
    Rant over.

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