Yup, things can only get worse: the recession is speeding up (six million unemployed, etc)

Ooh dear, more gloom and doom from the State. The ministry of Work reckons a further 630,000 jobs will disappear this year, bringing the total unemployment of Spain up to around 25%, or to put it another way, for every three people working, one isn’t. Or, to put it a third way, a tad under six million people will be searching for jobs. Currently, in Feb there were 5,27 million people unemployed.

So, 46 million people in Spain, of which six million will be unemployed,

The latest state figures also expect the Spanish economy to plough deep into recession, with an expected contraction of 1,7% this year, much worse than the EU expected.

De Guindos, the Minister of Economy, pointed out that we shouldn’t get too hung up about the magic “six million” figure (Remember when we were up in arms at 4 million unemployed? or 5 million?) as the “social drama” is the same for 5,9 or 6 million unemployed.

The lying socialist b*stards of the last government had said they were expecting a 2,7% growth during 2011, which explains a lot about them.

On top of everything else, Mercadona is killing our pets.

Ah, it’s all too depressing… I’m off for a drink.

Meanwhile, here’s a highly depressing graph from the World Bank showing unemployment in Spain:

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