Mercadona killer dog food recalled by makers

Tunaliment, the makers of the “Mercadona killer dog food” which you may have heard about, has issued a product recall, one of the few I can remember actually seeing in the paper. (Page 2 of La Voz today, a large ad, and many other Spanish newspapers I understand).

It seems that Compy dog food in brick format (cartons) is being recalled from 190 Mercadona stores in Albacete, Alicante, Murcia and Almería where it was being sold. If you have any of this stuff, take it back to your nearest Mercadona for a refund.

The company says that after being alerted to an issue with the food by clients, it carried out a third party analysis of the food, and discovered that it had far too much Vitamin D in it, which was causing urinary problems in dogs which consumed “large amounts” of the food.

Tunaliment goes on to thank its loyal customers for bringing this problem to their attention, and issues a public apology.

However, other makes of Compy are not affected by the recall.

For more information, a 24 hour hotline has been setup on +34 619113976, or email

However, their website does not mention the product recall in any way. Also, I notice the facebook page of Mercadona, despite being covered in desperate queries from Spaniards linking to the expat press stories about the “killer dog food” is not responding to questions.

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  1. We feed both a cat and dog on Compy,wet and dried.They have BOTH had water infections that cost 150€ for treatment.Also,a month or so ago,my dog refused to eat the “STICK DENTAL” chews that we have bought for years,so something has changed there too!!.All COMPY dog products should be avoided,whatever the source of outlet.

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