So, how big is the public sector in Almería?

Here’s some interesting statistics gathered about the labour market in the province:

(Remember, Almería has one of the highest unemployment figures in the eurozone, hovering at around 35%).

There were, on the 31st December 2011, 253,172 people working in the province.

  • 28.4%= 72,000 people have an indefinite work contract and work for a private company or business (R. General).
  • 18.5%= 47,172 people work in agriculture (R.E. Agricultura, although of course this is now being switched into R. General).
  • 22.5%= 56,916 people work on part time contracts for a private company or business (R. General).
  • 13.8%= 35,000 people work for the central government (of which 21,000 work for regional or local government) (R. Clases Pasivas + F. del estado).
  • 16.6%= 42,000 are self employed (autonomo).
  • 0.5%= 1,297 are home care workers (R.E. del Hogar)
  • 0.36%= 930 work at sea (R.E. del Mar)

So, around 14% of all the jobs in the province are paid for by the state.

(Figures rounded – it’s not a doctoral thesis)

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