Russian tour operator starts new flights to Almeria airport

Natalie Tours, a large Russian tour operator, has announced it will start a new route bringing in Russian tourists to Almeria. The Moscow – Almería route will be flown once every 10 days on a charter basis, according to the announcement.

Russian tourists have an average stay in Andalucia of 10,6 days and spend around 120 euros a day whilst here, making them some of the most attractive tourists for the Junta to fly in.

MD of Natalie Tours, Natalie Vorobieva, said she “loved” Andalucia and looked forwards to brining more tourists here. She currently flys the Ruskies into Madrid and Barcelona, but wants to expand her Spanish destinations.

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  1. Despite hopes from the owners of the Hotel Indalo, I imagine most of the Roosians will be heading for Roquetas.

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