Huercal traffic chief sacked for drink driving (but then given another cushy job)


The councillor for traffic and road safety of Huercal de Almería has been dismissed by the Mayor after he was caught drink driving through his own town.

He was driving home on St Valentine’s night when a routine combine Guardia and local Police control stopped him for a breath test. According to the testimony of the two officers in court, Adolfo Martin, when asked to provide a breath sample, shouted at the officers “I am no normal citizen, I am a councillor of this town, take off your knickers” (this is slang for the uniform scarf that covers the police officers face in cold weather) “and salute me when you are talking to me”.

He was 0,68 mg (limit is 0,25mg) although he offered no protests at being asked to provide the sample. He was later fined 800€ and lost his driving license for 8 months. He presented his resignation the day after the incident, but the Mayor refused to accept it until a Judge confirmed the incident. However, as soon as a Judge issued the fine, the Mayor fired him from his traffic position.

But don’t feel too sorry for poor Adolfo, victim of a “stupid mistake” in the words of the Alcalde, as he’s been given the new position of head of Tax for the town, so he doesn’t have to join the paro queue just yet.


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