Why Should Spain Call for Moratorium of EC chicken Rules?

This week the Spanish farmers issued a plea to their ministry of agriculture to intercede on their behalf to gain time with the European Commission over the introduction of enriched cages for laying hens.

The farmers want a two year moratorium on the EC changes banning battery cages for laying hens and demanding the installation of new larger cages giving hens more room.

They also want the Spanish government to give them soft loans to help them pay for the upgrades.

The poultry farmers estimate that the cost of installing the new cages on an average sized farm of 40,000 birds will be about €720,000 and they believe that if they are not given assistance then up to 40 per cent or about 400 farms will go out of business.

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2 Replies to “Why Should Spain Call for Moratorium of EC chicken Rules?”

  1. I saw a programme on TV this last week which stated 98 % of the UK’s Egg Producers have now complied to this ruling which was introduced 3 years ago to come into force this year.

    So why should Spain’s Egg Producers now get yet another 2 ? years for them not to comply to it.

    Would be interesting to see how many other of the EC have taken the UK’s lead { once again } or are they all hanging back similar to Spain.

  2. As we are all aware, Spain is not noted for it’s animal welfare.It’s corruption yes, it’s litter yes, and of course… it’s wonderful police force.

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