Ryanair announces new Almeria – Liverpool route as from March

Ryanair has announced it will start a new twice weekly route between Almeria and Liverpool.

Flights will be on Thursdays and Sundays, starting on the 25th of March.

That means that over the summer Ryanair will serve three routes to the UK from Almeria: London, East Midlands and Liverpool.

Until this 19th of January, flights will be on offer for as little as 9,99€ (plus tax and and all the rest) to kick off the summer season.

3 Replies to “Ryanair announces new Almeria – Liverpool route as from March”

  1. Have tried Ryanair & so have few other people & no mention on their site
    about this in their new routes.(or anywhere at all)
    How can anyone book before 19th Jan if it’s not even listed ?? Where did
    you get this info please ?

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