Elections 25th March!

Griñán has announced that he will hold regional election for the Junta de Andalucia on the 25th March, almost (but not quite) at the legal end of his mandate.

Holding on by his fingertips until the bitter end, the PP in Andalucía currently look favourite to win, with an absolute majority of almost 45% of the vote in the last round of surveys.

Will the austerity movement of the central government drive voter back into the arms of the socialists? Griñán is obviously hoping so, but 25 years of the PSOE have driven Andalucía into bankruptcy, and the quality of life for the average Andaluz is currently retreating back to levels not seen since the 1980’s. So, hopefully, he and his entire bunch of corrupt left wing crooks will be booted out into the political wilderness.

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