Israeli firm to open solar plant in Almería next month

Israeli technology will soon begin harnessing the light of southern Spain at a research and development park located on the country’s sun-drenched Mediterranean coast.

AORA Solar, an Israeli developer of applied ultra-high temperature concentrated solar power (CSP), will be opening its second-ever gas-turbine solar thermal power station in Almeria, Spain, on February 7. Their first such plant was opened at Kibbutz Samar in the Arava Desert in near Eilat in June 2009. The roughly 2,000-square-meter facilities are capable of supplying 100 kilowatts of electricity per hour to their respective regions and about 170 kilowatts of heat energy as a byproduct, which in the case of Spain will be used to power an adjacent desalination facility.

“It’s there to demonstrate the viability of the design, as is the one in Samar,” AORA CEO Zev Rosenzweig told The Jerusalem Post on Friday, noting, for comparison’s sake, that 100 kilowatts have the ability to power about 60 to 80 homes.

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