Courts to stay open this August!

Remember the good old times when judges across Spain went on holiday for a month during August, causing all the courts to close for six weeks and justice, such as it is in this country, to go to the beaches and get sunburnt? Well, not any more, as our new Justice minister, Snr Gallardon (the lanky chap who used to run Madrid city), has announced he is planning to end the practise of closing the Continue reading Courts to stay open this August!

Spain implements web site shutdown law

THE FRESHLY INSTALLED Spanish government has put into force the sort of law that copyright holders pray for, a no holds barred bad web site shutdown act. Torrentfreak reports that the government of Spain has fully implemented the law, called the Sinde Law, explaining that web sites can now be shut down or blocked by ISPs just ten days after a rightsholder complains. Posted from WordPress for Android – mobile blogging!