Catalonia to tax tourists 3€ a night

In an effort to raise 100 million euros extra a year, Catalonia has announced a new tax of up to 3€ a night, per person, on all tourists.

All hotels, apartments, b&bs and cruise ships are subject to the tax, which is per head, per night and ranges from 1 to 3€ depending on how many stars your chosen establishment has.

It’s worth pointing out that if you do stay in Catalonia, you’re also obliged to eat one of their local sausages for breakfast (unfair on vegetarians), after a rule last year forced hotels to serve locally sourced, traditional Catalonian dishes on their breakfast buffets.

The regional government has also imposed a 1€ tax on every prescription cashed, which is expected to raise a further 103 million euros a year.

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  1. Locally sourced sausages (or sauced) for breakfast. Sounds scrumptious although I prefer coffee, toast and marmalade 😉

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