A financial Dunkirk: Britain draws up plans to rescue expats if Spain and Portugal are hit by financial oblivion | Mail Online

Evacuation plans for British expats stranded in Spain and Portugal if their banking systems collapse are being drawn up by the Foreign Office. The contingency plans are being put in place to help thousands of Britons if they were unable to get to their money in the event of a catastrophic banking collapse in two of the most vulnerable eurozone economies. Around one million British expats live in Spain, particularly around Marbella and Malaga, and some 50,000 in Portugal.

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4 Replies to “A financial Dunkirk: Britain draws up plans to rescue expats if Spain and Portugal are hit by financial oblivion | Mail Online”

  1. Happy Christmas from us all here in Spain (and in some containment camp in Dover by New Year)
    So stupid: is there something in their tea?

  2. That’ll show those damn Frenchies… Send in a few gunboats to rescue the expats from their beachside apartments as the tourist towns burn, and the governments collapse.
    I hope the RN has enough boats left for all of us!

  3. Actually, I was going to write this off as another Daily Mail anti-europe rant, but then I notice the Sunday Times also leads on the story! Scary!

    From the Sunday Times:
    The Foreign Office is also looking at giving small loans to stranded Britons, while the Treasury would use its influence to ensure that the Spanish and Portuguese governments instruct banks to let Britons access funds so they can pay for groceries and other essentials.

    Both Spain and Portugal have a deposit guarantee scheme similar to that in the UK, meaning that depositors are covered for up to €100,000. But in a crisis, many banks limit withdrawals to stop people removing all their money and leaving the country.

    The Treasury would also put pressure on banks not to call in mortgage loans from Britons so they do not lose their properties.

    Alright for you Lenox – you live nearer the beach than I do! Tell the Captain to hold off the rioting mobs of locals until I arrive, will ya? And get the G&T’s in.

  4. i dont blame people for bailing out of the uk for the sunshine but now things are getting tough over there all i can say is those of us who stayed wont be too impressed if expats come back cap in hand having spent all their money and not had a return fund…made your bed and all that

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