Almanzora motorway works stop again due to lack of cash

The Junta has admitted that due to a failure to pay the last installment of 1,5 million euros to the construction company, work on the Almanzora motorway has stopped.

Aldea-BSK, the construction consortium, has refused to comment, but workers failed to turn up from late last week.

It seems that the blockage is over the payment for the concrete beams they use as part of the foundations. They are made in Antequera, and the company that makes them has refused to deliver them until this installment has been paid.

José Manuel Ortiz, of housing and public works for the Junta, has admitted that the payment was not made and hopes that it will be made “very soon”. He told La Voz that “it’s a very difficult economic time, at the end of the year, but all payments should be made once monies arrive in the 2012 budget, and we in talks with all parties involved to start the work again as soon as possible”.

When asked if this meant that the completion date of March 2012 would slip, he denied it.

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