The 2011 Loteria Nacional ad

Here’s the wonderful 2011 advert from the Loteria Nacional urging us to go out and buy a decimo for Christmas.

A wonderful blend of Darwinian Christmas scenes mixed in with a bit of Harry Potter magic, it’s got bugger all to do with Spanish nativity traditions, but it’s still the best ad I’ve seen all year.

The kids, of course, are supposed to be the ones from San Ildelfonso, Spain’s oldest orphanage, the kids who every year sing out the winning Christmas lottery numbers as they are drawn. Wikipedia tells me that the school is over 400 years old, when Holy Roman Emperor Charles V (he of the monstrosity in the middle of the Alhambra) ordered a school for waifs and strays to be built, in 1543. Made a change from beating up the Dutch, I suppose.

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