Pepe Blanco quits politics – needs time to concentrate on his defense

The Minister of Public Works, and Vice-Sec of the PSOE party, José Blanco, quit politics this morning amidst an ever rising corruption scandal.

A builder who is being investigated for a number of, ah-hem, irregularities, turned King’s Evidence and handed over a large number of documents implicating Pepe in receiving kickbacks in exchange for the awarding of large government contracts to the Judge. It also turned out that the cops had their eye on him, and El Mundo revealed a while ago the existence of a video in which Pepe’s cousin gets out of the ministerial car to receive a large suitcase from said builder at a petrol station.

The Judge has now said that it’s too big for her, and has handed over all the paperwork of caso campeón, as it’s known, to the National Court.


Pepe of course didn’t put it like this, instead saying that he’s going to enter semi-retirement to enjoy his new found wealth, I’m sorry, to allow a new generation  of politicians to come to the top of the PSOE.

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