What the deuce is the Mojacar fun run giving out prizes for? Fancy dress or Basques?

The Mojacar fun run 2011. Great fun and all that… but a prize for the best Basque?

Do they really mean that the most authentic Basque person who turns up will get a prize? Wearing a boina and some bagpipes and a pipebomb under one arm?

Now, it turns out (thanks, Google!) that a basque in English means “a ladies close fitting bodice, A bodice closely fitted by seaming from the shoulder to waist, with or without a short, skirt-like continuation.”.I’d never heard of the damn thing, so thanks for expanding my vocab here.

Ah, so it’s fancy dress! Could be worded a little clearer. Given that we’re in a country where there is a region where people call themselves “Basques” it could even have been translated a little better.

Could be a mis-translation there for the locals… I await events with interest. Trust me, you don’t want to piss off the euskotarraks.

Anyway. Get off the couch and get down there. It’s a fun day out, good exercise, not too strenous and it’s all for some damn good causes. Hey, you can even stroll along and turn it into a pub crawl. Just avoid the pissed off whiskery people in funny hats with dodgy accents (they could be Scottish!)

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