Spain Doesn’t Need Bailout Despite Attack – Salgado –

Several euro-zone countries are under “systemic debt attack” but Spain isn’t in danger of needing a European bailout, the country’s Finance Minister Elena Salgado said Thursday. Speaking in a radio interview, Salgado said Spain’s sustainability isn’t in question, despite a recent increase in borrowing costs. She also said market conditions would have improved if the latest upgrades to the European Financial Stability Facility had been implemented. Posted from WordPress for Android – mobile blogging!

What the deuce is the Mojacar fun run giving out prizes for? Fancy dress or Basques?

The Mojacar fun run 2011. Great fun and all that… but a prize for the best Basque? Do they really mean that the most authentic Basque person who turns up will get a prize? Wearing a boina and some bagpipes and a pipebomb under one arm? Now, it turns out (thanks, Google!) that a basque in English means “a ladies close fitting bodice, A bodice closely fitted by seaming from the shoulder to waist, with Continue reading What the deuce is the Mojacar fun run giving out prizes for? Fancy dress or Basques?

Learn English to be a national policeman!

An online ad for help in passing your national police exams got me thinking, after I noticed that the ad offered a free English exam to help you pass. Surely you don’t need to know English to be a policeman in Spain, do you? So I looked up the requirements this year (here) and, much to my surprise, the exams include a voluntary English or French test. If you pass (it’s said to be equivalent Continue reading Learn English to be a national policeman!

Spanish TV

“After 10 years here I still can’t speak a word of Spanish!” It seems to be a uniquely English thing to say. The number of years changes but the tone of stubborn pride is always the same, normally followed by some hackneyed comment about “them understanding English if you shout it loud enough”. Ha ha. Very funny. Strangely enough, after a couple of beers these people will usually produce a copy of the Daily Mail Continue reading Spanish TV