Rolling Stones owe El Ejido 2 million euros…. and cost them a further 3 million!

You may remember that back in the heydays of Juan Enciso, the ex-mayor of El Ejido (now retired, enjoying the 200 million euros he pinched from the townhall vaults), the town of El Ejido booked the Rolling Stones to play.

This was back in 2006.

However, shortly before they were to play, a coconut fell on Keith Richards head, and they had to cancel.

Well, the current mayor of El Ejido has discovered that the band, via its promotors Musical Frog, still owe the townhall 2,251,000€ for the cancelation. Monies advanced but which were never returned.

Ah hem.

It seems that El Ejido may have timidly asked for their cheque to be returned, but were met with a drunken roar of “feck off” down the phone and were too scared to ask again. Or go to the courts. What they hey, it’s public money, plenty more where that came from was probably the attitude.

Things get worse.

According to the townhall, when los rolling eventually did turn up to play (late 2007), ticket sales were so dismal (20,000 seats sold out of a capacity of 60,000) that the townhall lost a further 2,600,000€ on the deal.

In all, the Rolling Stones cost El Ejido 4,869,000€. That’s a hell of a pricetag for one night of music.

In fact, I reckon I’m going to submit this to the Guinness book of World Records. “Most expensive waste of public money on a one night concert”. Anyone with me?

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