Come to the Costa del Sol! Tourism authorities create a “new brand” to sell 30,000 homes to Brits

“Living Costa del Sol”

That’s the new trademarked slogan being pushed by the Costa del Sol tourism board, in an attempt to flog 30,000 homes to Brits next year.

It joins “Welcome to Andalucia, welcome home“, the new slogan of Andalucia for the British market, believe it or not.

It occurs to one that legalising all the homes innocently purchased by expats over the last decade for free would produce far more publicity, far more easily, than all this nonsense, but that would be “politically brave”.

It’s always easier to find new mugs than to keep the old fools happy…

(via El Mundo)

3 Replies to “Come to the Costa del Sol! Tourism authorities create a “new brand” to sell 30,000 homes to Brits”

  1. Couldn't agree more. It would be better, and reap richer long-term rewards, to legalise homes already built or to refund money to those duped into purchasing them. Get the legal system right and people will flock back, even in these financially-perilous times. Of course the 'stinger' in my comment is the word "long-term", because many of the worst problems have been caused by get-rich-quick schemes nodded-through by regional governments or corrupt local administrations. From what I can see this afflicts Andalucia, Murcia (where my Spanish home is) and the Communitat Valenciana and perhaps others I am less-familiar with.

  2. Foolish people like Ray Bolton have only themselves to blame.
    They came to Spain wearing rose coloured spectacles, filling themselves up with cheap wine and putting trust in a system that has been corrupt for many years.
    I have no sympathy whatsoever for silly people with too much money to gamble away.

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