Turre mayor has sit-in at government offices

Arturo Grima, mayor of Turre, has carried out his threat to have a sit-in at the local ministry of Work offices until they cough up the 417,000€ he says they owe to town. (They say they don’t, as he hasn’t filed the paperwork).

Papers this am were reporting that he was still there, firmly sitting in the ante-chamber to the head honcho’s office, past midnight last night, surrounded by some poli andaluz.

According to a source, the boss herself had given orders to the police that he wasn’t to be thrown out until the dozen or so journalists camped in the street outside had gone home. Since the journos had promised not to go home, and there were about 50 locals from Turre with camaras outside, it’s possible that he’s still there.

The scene also gives us a rare opportunity to see a member of our local Autonomous Police Force, the Policía autonómica de Andalucía, in action. Other regions use their autonomous police to substitute the Guardia Civil (think the mossos in Catalonia, or the Ezt…. [however you spell it] in the País Vasco). The Andaluz’s gave them a snappy badge to sew onto their official Policía Nacional uniforms and put them to work guarding government officials.

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