PAWS closes cattery

PAWS has announced that it is closing its cattery, due to lack of resources and volunteers. They will continue to look after the animals in there, but they will refuse to accept any further admissions. The popular animal charity will now, it seems, be concentrating exclusively on adult dogs, as they also refuse to accept puppies. This, I assume, is because they don’t want to have to look after them for six months while they Continue reading PAWS closes cattery

Well, the AVE has been saved by Europe

Well, what do you know. Europe has, somewhat to my surprise, agreed to add the corredor mediterraneo to its European network plan, and will finish off the line. In fact, it’ s written a huge cheque to underwrite the Spanish and Portugese railways. The coastal line will run through the provinces of Barcelona, Tarragona, Castellón, Valencia, Alicante, Murcia and Almería before diverting inland to Granada and carrying on to Seville. The EU will pay for Continue reading Well, the AVE has been saved by Europe

The current state of the AVE line in Almería

Been looking everywhere for this, and eventually found it on (after all, why would the government publish this information in an easy to find format? Duh!) The comments come from Jesús Miranda Hita, subsec of the Ministry of Development, after he came down to have a look at the state of the Ave line in Almeria (a project I expect the new PP government will drop like a hot potato). 27,8km of the AVE Continue reading The current state of the AVE line in Almería

Want to bet the AVE high speed train line is never completed?

Let’s have a little wager, shall we? What’s the betting that the local AVE line is quietly dropped early next year – or, more accurately, the next round of funding is never issued, and the next round of contracts never signed? Here’s my reasoning. There are two great AVE projects underway in Spain. There is the corredor central, which forms part of the great pan European network, from Lisbon to Berlin via Madrid and Paris. Continue reading Want to bet the AVE high speed train line is never completed?

Vera planning webcams along its beaches

The new Vera townhall has announced that its new municipal webpage will be ready for launching in the spring. The idea is for an entirely new municipal services portal for the citizens and visitors of Vera. On the one hand, a ring of webcams across the beaches and major tourist spots will stream live images to the web, and visitors will be able to find out the beach status online before having to set off Continue reading Vera planning webcams along its beaches

200 juveniles in the clink

Interesting fact of the week:  Almería currently has 213 kids locked up, most of them for theft, although 10% of them were arrested for violent behaviour towards close family members. There are three juvenile “re-education centres” in the province, which aim to bring these kids back on track via both education classes – aiming to bring the kids up to speed in writing and maths – and practical apprenticeship classes, with work schemes ranging from Continue reading 200 juveniles in the clink

Mojacar bypass will end before La Parata

Remember the Mojacar bypass idea? It’s back. The idea was to build a bypass behind the strip to allow residents to nip up and down the beach without using the congested beach road. In theory, a good idea, but residents of La Parata created such a fuss the whole idea was more or less dropped, in between them and the financial crisis. Anyway, at a meeting on Monday, the mayors of Mojacar and Garrucha, together Continue reading Mojacar bypass will end before La Parata

Chiringuitos are the way forwards, admits the Junta

After a number of years in which the government and Junta have done all they could to destroy chiringuitos along the beaches, they’ve realised it was all an error and beach bars are the reason why tourists come to Spain. Of course, the Junta hasn’t quite put it like that, but that’s the general idea. Sonia Rodriguez, the Andalucian Minister, has confirmed that, after a series of meetings with different business associations, she will ensure Continue reading Chiringuitos are the way forwards, admits the Junta

Hit me baby one more time

Senior Izquierda Unida Gaspar Llamazares said that it’s beyond a joke – the FBI have again used his photo to mock up a picture of Bin Laden. (Gaspar’s the one on the right). This latest photofit was issued on Friday by the FBI on their website. The original photo was developed by FBI technicians who needed a grey haired genial old fellow with the right sized forehead for mock up a Bin Laden photo. Only Continue reading Hit me baby one more time