PAWS closes cattery

PAWS has announced that it is closing its cattery, due to lack of resources and volunteers.

They will continue to look after the animals in there, but they will refuse to accept any further admissions.

The popular animal charity will now, it seems, be concentrating exclusively on adult dogs, as they also refuse to accept puppies. This, I assume, is because they don’t want to have to look after them for six months while they grow up, before rehousing them – adult dogs can be chipped, cleaned and shipped to north Europe within six weeks.

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  1. Think it is more a case of ‘no more room at the inn’ for the foreseeable future and that until the current cats can be re-homed they have absolutely no space for new cats.

    The message last week was to reinforce this, not to say that the cattery was closing for good …. unless something has happened this morning in last 15 mins since we last spoke to them 🙂

  2. I’m just going by their posting on their facebook page, which seemed fairly clear on the matter!

  3. I knew PAWS when it was just a plot of land and have raised money to help it get built. Its there now, so what about the locals sponsoring a cat to help keep it going. Mojacar has several or had several actors living there, what about them contributing. Karen Polansky and her crew did all the hard work at getting it up and running, dont let it end now.

  4. Yes, it’s a shame to see it vanish under a sea of indifference and infighting. After their financial crisis in the summer, it seems to have gone quiet again on the PAWS front?

  5. Thanks Chris what you say is of course correct and even since saying we are closed we have accepted cats and kittens at risk. Diane(cattery manager)

  6. The posting on our Facebook page made it fairly clear that it was simply due to a lack of volunteers needed to man the daily shifts. If you are fond of cats and would like to give an hour or two I’m sure the cat team would be delighted to welcome you. While at the shelter you could have a quick look at some of the 20 puppies we have in our care at the moment. The only animals we plan to concentrate on are those in need.

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