Chiringuitos are the way forwards, admits the Junta

After a number of years in which the government and Junta have done all they could to destroy chiringuitos along the beaches, they’ve realised it was all an error and beach bars are the reason why tourists come to Spain.

Of course, the Junta hasn’t quite put it like that, but that’s the general idea.

Sonia Rodriguez, the Andalucian Minister, has confirmed that, after a series of meetings with different business associations, she will ensure that a legal framework will be in place by the 1st of April next year to allow townhalls to license beachbars, beach restaurants, hammock operators, and nautical operators properly. “Within the proper ecological imperatives [blah blah blah] important part of the Andalucian economy” she said.

So, after several years of trying to stamp out all businesses on the beach, they are now being allowed. I love joined up government.

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