Hit me baby one more time

Senior Izquierda Unida Gaspar Llamazares said that it’s beyond a joke – the FBI have again used his photo to mock up a picture of Bin Laden. (Gaspar’s the one on the right). This latest photofit was issued on Friday by the FBI on their website. The original photo was developed by FBI technicians who needed a grey haired genial old fellow with the right sized forehead for mock up a Bin Laden photo. Only Continue reading Hit me baby one more time

Evicted for three months for being noisy

A noisy couple in a flat in, I think, Zaragoza, have been evicted for three months by a judge after neighbours denounced them for making excessive noise. The couple, who are of mixed race (he’s Spanish), say that it’s part of a racist campaign against them, but the Judge said noise recorders proved beyond doubt that the couple made excessive and unneccessary noise until early into the morning. They will be allowed back into their Continue reading Evicted for three months for being noisy