Catalonia suggests patients must pay if they want a decent health service

Told you so. (So just what awaits our health service?)

Catalonian Minister for the Economy, Andreu Mas-Colell, publicly admitted today that people who receive public health services must assume that in the future they will have to contribute towards the direct cost of their treatment.

In other words: cough up at the docs, buddy, because we’re spending your taxes on luxury cars and a nice lifestyle.

During a speech in which he also denounced Keynesian economics “in a single country”, Andreu, addressing the prestigious Catalan Economic Circle, admitted that Catalonia cannot continue to provide its citizens with the levels of public services that they have come to enjoy, and the a drastic new model of social services must be created. “Universal free access to social services” he says, according to El País, “is unsustainable if we continue to its logical outcome [..]it requires more resources than we can channel via the current taxation model and priorities must be created for the efficient use of resources”.

From El Pais

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