Local British woman dies in quad bike accident

A 61 year old British woman -identified only as D.P.B. by the press- died yesterday in a quad bike accident in Los Gallardos.

She was speeding down a dirt road at around 9,30 am when the bike flipped over. An air ambulace was called, but she died en route to the hospital.

[from news agency Europa Press]

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  1. This is a family member if mine who died. I am disgusted by your report, only three of your facts are correct. I suggest next time you want to report on someone’s demise you should make sure you have the story as close to the truth as possible. I am guessing you have based your report on rumor and hearsay. You can’t even get her nationality correct…
    Please consider there are people left behind that are devastated before writing such utter fabrication. Luckily I flew back to the USA today otherwise my wrath would be in person.

  2. You really should research you story. Most of your above ‘facts’ are completely wrong. As a family member this just adds further distress to a terrible loss. Shame on you

  3. Well, gosh, if the story is completely different from what you know, maybe it’s about someone else???

    Anyway, the story came from local paper “La Voz de Almeria” as reported on that day. And over 13 other sources on the Spanish web (http://news.google.es/news/more?hl=es&gl=es&q=los+gallardos&um=1&ie=UTF-8&ncl=diaE6X-Vd_p6oPMRnbcVP5Jnaf5zM&ei=aWWITr78OoOPswaqrMzgAQ&sa=X&oi=news_result&ct=more-results&resnum=4&ved=0CD4QqgIwAw).

    Also the local British expat press (ie The Leader).

    Maybe you should take up the “beef”, as you Yanks say, with them? Or possibly issue a press release next time?

  4. And yet again you print another assumption…..FYI – i am not a “yank”.

    Well, gosh, why would I issue a press release?? It is absolutely nobody’s business what happened on private property, and I see no reason why you feel compelled to write something which as you said, has already been written about over 13 times. Which, by the way, having read most of them, they are definitely closer to the truth than the embellishment you printed above.

    So thanks for your sarcasm, you really seem like a very compassionate person.

  5. Of course, my apologies, I forgot that Yankees come from the northern US states, and you lot down in New Mexico ain’t too keen on those dandified slave lovers.
    I assume that you speak no more Spanish than is needed to scream “¡a trabajar! ¡volver!” at your illegal Southern American immigrants in the crop fields, since you clearly couldn’t understand the news articles I directed you towards.
    My report was an accurate translation of a press article which said that a 61 year old British woman died after a quad bike accident. What the devil are you on about, a 52 year old US man survivies drowning in the sea? “three of my facts are accurate”? What the devil do you mean? How the hell can any of those details be invented?
    When some fatuous Yank starts posting anonymous threats of physical vengeance in a confused and rambling manner, then I automatically assume they’re nuts.
    You -twice in quick succession- post rambling threats on my blog without justifying your position, and seem to be accusing me of being some ambulance chasing journalist who didn’t even bother to check the persons ID at the morgue. Again – this is what was put in all the local papers, and I trust them far more than I trust anonymous postings on the web (which, for all that, is still almost zero).
    For all I know you are some mad poster, from the other side of the world, getting off on getting free sympathy off strangers on the web.
    A far more logical, and natural, posting would have been to explain your connection with the story before explaining where the actual errors were, or if this story was upsetting to you, ignoring it, since according to you “only three of your facts are correct” [whatever that means!]

  6. I have read all of your comments and I think it is time you got your facts right. You obviously do not live in Los Gallardos or you would know what had happened, not reporting from your cosy home in England.
    It is time you had some empathy for the people who have been left behind after such a terrible accident.

  7. *pinches nose and breathes deeply*

    My facts come from the Guardia Civil statement on the matter, as reported by news agency Europa Press (link at bottom of story). If you have more information, please post it rather than ramble on in an incoherent fashion. The accident I’m talking about happened near Cortijo Los Burgos, on the public road there. Maybe you are talking about a different accident? If not, complain to the police for them not bothering to check her ID.

    Apart from that, nobody I spoke to at the time knew anything about an accident.