ZP bows out amongst jeers

ZP has presided over his last session of Congress as Prime Minister of Spain.

He finished his last session after 8 years as PM with a rather rambling speech saying he hoped that the next government would continue with his legacy and that his financial reforms would bring Spain back to prosperity.

Meanwhile, opponent Mariano Rajoy showed no mercy, accusing ZP of leaving a poisoned legacy behind him, and accusing him of leading Spain to ruin. His only concession to his now ex-rival was to wish him “good luck” in the future, although he qualified this by adding that “the millions of Spaniards on the dole may not share my blessing towards you”.

As Spain drops past 2004 living levels, with 5 million unemployed and a national debt over 2,500 million euros, Rajoy reminded Spain that the last time the country actually prospered -with a surplus in  the national coffers, rising living levels and a bright future-was under the last PP government, with Aznar in charge.

Say what you like about Aznar, he knew how to run a country – sit back and stay out of the way. A lesson that ZP would have done well to learn.

National elections will take place  on Nov 20, which is also the day Franco died (in an attempt to remind the looney left of the dangers of the PP). The government will be dissolved next month. However wins the general elections will take charge on Jan 1st.

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