Murcia-San Javier airport will close to civil flights next years

Murcia region and the Ministry of Development have confirmed that they signed last night an agreement to transfer control of the new Corvera airport to AENA, the airports operator, which is expected to transfer all operations to the new centre in 2012. Murcia region has furthermore said that the two airports “will not compete” for civilian flights.

This is expected to mean that San Javier will cease all civil operations by the middle of next year (when the new Corvera airport finally opens) and return to just military use. The Ministry of Defense, which owns San Juan and sublets some capacity to the Ministry of Development to alllow civilian flights,  says it has no plans to close the airport and will continue to use it for military purposes.

Corvera is 30km away from San Javier airport, just below Murcia city.

San Javier has lost some 700,000 passengers a year to other airports over the last three years, although it still serves some 20 airlines, and Murcia region hopes that the brand spanking new Corvera airport, closer to the city and will good access links, will help the region regain international destinations.

Here’s a map (click it for a larger image)where is covera airport new murcia airport location

From here, it’s closer than San Javier, but takes longer to get to. San Javier is 144km (1h 27m) whereas Corvera is 139km but 1h 28mins. (From Google maps). You have to turn left at Cartagena and head towards Murcia.

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  1. If San Javier is to close down why have they just engaged a new manager to run the airport and given him a budget for improvements.Having last week returned to uk through san javier and noticed signs appoligising for inconvenience caused to customers while work on improvements to the departure hall are being carried out.Is this a sign that they are closing down.Has anyone else commented on this.

  2. For the same reason that Castellon airport has just issued a contract for 112,000€ to hire a falconer, despite the fact that it’s not going to open until late 2012, and even that date is in doubt????

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  4. murcia airport was 24 mins drive to las ramblas what is the time it will now take to las ramblas fromt the new airport
    thanks eveline

  5. Where the deuce is Las Ramblas?
    Corvera is about 50km away from San Javier, up the A30 towards Murcia city

  6. from las ramblas/south costa blanca add approx 15 mins to your journey.. pretty much at the end of the c3319 towards murcia from the coast…

  7. We live in Los Altos,Torrevieja and regulary fly to Bournemouth from Murcia and Alicante.Murcia has always been the better airport for us,I believe the new Murcia airport is much further away for us it appears that for people living in the Torrevieja area transport costs are are getting worse.

  8. Another day another story Why not leave san Javier open its what people want there is no financial benefit in Corvera and people are staying with San Javier as long as poss then we will use Alicanti its easier.

  9. Who's idea was corvera airport the loss of the majority of passengers to Alicanti, will be lose Corvera (should it ever open) any financial benefit san Javier is cost effective and now a very good airport.

  10. A rail link to El Altet airport and improved Cercanias services would have been a better investment. The bus form Murcia to El Altet is OK, but rail is more reliable time-wise, and both Alicante and Murcia would benefit from the improved links. Corvera, a completely new airport, wasn’t even built near an existing rail link – whereas El Altet has the Alicante-Murcia mainline just behind it.

  11. I think this is nuts, I don't think we will use the new airport will probably fly into Alicanti, it takes just 20 minutes to get to Mil Palmeras from Murcia, it will put more milage on our journey, they have spent a lot of money on Murcia what a waste with Spain in dire monetary problems, leave well alone.

  12. The new airport can’t open too soon for us. It depends where you are departing from which airport is nearest. This will take maybe 20/30 minutes off our journey.

  13. As soon as San Javiar closes, my wife and I will cease to visit Spain which we do about 3 or 4 times a year, since 1986. Spain obviously doesnt want visitors

  14. Why do so many of these comments look like they’ve been put through a google translator (twice obviously)?
    Putting out a tender means nothing. Joined up government is an unknown concept in Spain

  15. Nope. Spain has had joined up gov’t for years.

    A bit for me, a bit for you, a bit for my friend… Networked policy making in action 🙄

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