Vera townhall says Priors situation is “unjust” and promises a better home for them

Vera has been paying, since 2010, 600€ a month to a homeowner on Puerto Rey in order to comply with the judicial order that they had to provide free accomodation for the Priors, the couple whose home was knocked down in the town.

However, the Priors refused to occupy this home, saying that the home was not adecuate for their needs, and did not comply with the judicial order.

The new administration has now agreed, saying that the home that the previous administration found them was clearly not suited for the Priors, and has promised that they will find a new home, equivalent to the one that was demolished, in order to comply with the judicial ruling.

A townhall spokesman said that the town was intent upon finding a suitable home for the Priors without having to go back to the courts, and added that the new administration was a “lot more sympathetic” towards the Priors than the “old lot” had been.

“The situation is unjust, both for the Priors and the townhall. If the previous Mayor and the Junta had wanted to, they could have found a legal solution without having to demolish the Priors homes. Therefore it seems just to us that we provide the couple with a home similar to that which was demolished”.

The comments came after the British consul in Andalucia, Steve Jones, visited the town and had a meeting with the Mayor of Vera, in which the situation of the Priors was raised.

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