Beach bar owner denounces Mojacar mayor for “politically” closing her beach bar

The owner of BBME, the beach bar closed by the Mojacar local police for allegedly infringing the new noise pollution order, has lodged a denuncia against Mojácar townhall, and in particular the mayor, claiming that the closure was “politically motivated”.

An appeal against the closure claims that the by-law implemented in Mojácar is not legal, as it did not abide by the legal timelimits established by the federal law for the installation of the equipment. The denuncia against the Mayor states that the closure was an arbitrary move for short term political reasons, and accuses the Mayor of having randomly picked on one bar to “prove a point”.

Maria Rosa Soler, the owner of the chiringuito, together with her lawyer, Juan Galera, claim that they have lost over 10,000€ by the closure of the bar. They have documents proving that they were installing the required equipment, but said that the order to close the bar was arbitrary, and infringed their right to defend themselves.

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