A word to the wise about Turre’s drinking fountain….

Over a leisurely sort of lunch with some high up chappies from Turre townhall, I was given the wink to avoid the drinking water fountains in the village. Nothing was actually said, but it was given to understand that the boyos in charge of the drinking water had now switched fountains and are going all the way to Bédar or Mojácar to fill up their bottles.

It seems that with Turre town now bankrupt, and owing all townhall members two months salary (plus August bonus!), a little thing like a chlorine pump isn’t very high up the list of important purchases for the townhall to make, especially when the old one can be cobbled together with bits of string. And, hey, dead pigeons float, don’t they? Easy enough to scoop out.

Water analysis? Well, who’s to say how it was analysed, or indeed, where the sample of water came from? Ah hem.

A meaningful comment made in a philosophical way only, of course. You are free to do as you wish.

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