Cops called to prevent riot after priest calls congregation “a bunch of infidels”

A great story from the small mountain village of María, where the local priest flipped during a Saturday evening Mass.

Arriving after blessing a wedding nearby the priest arrived somewhat late to the Mass. It was later hinted that he may have been invited to join in the wedding celebrations and -ah hem- a glass or two of wine may have been pressed into his hand there.

According to witnesses, the young priest -a man who only recently joined the Church- started off with a rambling sermon, which quickly broke down into several “amusing anecdotes” about local villagers, and how their behaviour was not “Christian”. This caused bewilderment amongst the attendees.

The priest then started pointing out people in the mass, hinting that they were not true Christians, and started complaining that the Church takings were down in the weekly collection plate. After a villager objected at being pointed at, the priest starting accusing people of being “infidels” and threatening to excommunicate people. Certain home truths may have been uttered.

Fortunately, some level headed person slipped out the side door and called the cops before the mob reached the priest. The police arrived and rescued the unfortunate from the mob – I believe he was hiding in a store room at that point. It was decided by the police that the priest should drive home before the lynch mob reformed, and he did so, “visibly nervous”, although that may have been the drink.

A police statement to La Voz later read that no arrests or complaints were made, although they confirmed that the police unit had to “calm the devotees at the local temple”. No denuncias were made on anyone’s behalf and the situation is “hopefully back to normal”.

The priest is believed to have apologised to his congregation on Sunday, saying he was “carried away by the fervour of his religion”, and his congregation have agreed to forgive and forget. The local Bishop says he intends to take no action.

I wonder if the cops breathalysed him before sending him on his merry way home?

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