BBM closed for noise pollution?

Rumour reaches me that the BBM beach bar chiringuito on the Playa has been closed by the local police for constant infringement of the new noise bylaws, and mis-sale of alcohol to youths.

The move, if true (there is a sign on the door “in Spanish”, several people has excitedly told me : come on people, get your dictionaries out!), comes after a month in which the mayor of Mojacar has been severely criticised on all parts for allowing “trashy chiringuitos” (the PSOE) and “out of control botellons” (MPSM) to damage the image of the town.

It’s worth pointing out that Mayor Rosmari publicly called a meeting of several prominent businesspeople recently to discuss how to move away from stag do’s to a more refined sort of tourism.

The moves come after the most depressing ferias in public memory, with huge cut backs meaning nothing exciting happening at all, apart from an impressive firework display. All part of Rosmari’s cunning plan to leave the village a sterile (and quiet) little hill top village with no bars or restaurants for tourists. Leaving more money in the pot for her salary!

Later: @KeeleyBrian tweets that Ric el patio says closed for noise. But lease expires soon so not bothered.     

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