Souvenir of Mojácar, anyone?

Whilst browsing through the local Chinese shops, I enjoy looking for tacky and slightly unpleasent souvenirs of Mojácar. I don’t buy them – why encourage them to make more?- but instead like to take a photo of them.

Sadly, this year the crop has been thin. Until I came across this beauty:

Next to it was a lovely little collage of photos of Mojácar, tastefully spray painted onto a bit of plastic, which was then treated to make it look like some sort of wood. I was a bit perplexed by the bottom photo, could someone enlighten me as to where it is? I seem to have missed the Mojácar marina and would greatly enjoy a walk around it, looking at the boats:

And here’s an example of why you shouldn’t use an online translator for your products. For an additional point, and to try out your knowledge of Spanish, try to guess what the original mug is saying!

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  1. They obviously put it through google translate because that’s what I got as well!

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