Macael loses public square to cover debts

A court has embargoed several plots of land owned by Macael townhall in favour of a construction company which has an outstanding bill of 2,4 million euros with the town. One of the plots of land is -ah hem- the village square.

The current Mayor says that it’s all the fault of the previous administrations for letting it get so far, but admits he can’t even pay his workers, let along service this debt.

The company, which has had the bill outstanding since 2004, applied for the embargo of townhall assets and last week a Judge ruled in favour. However, all the land only totals around 1,3 million euros, so quite a large chunk of the debt is still outstanding.

There is uncertaincy over whether or not the company can do anything with the village square, although I assume that if it’s been embargoed that means the company thinks it can.

Another interesting question raised by the issue is why the main square of Macael is called Plaza Esplugues de Llobregat, which is a rich town just outside Barcelona.

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